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Lawn Mower Pre-Spring Tune-up

Posted by Dan

Taking care of your 4 cycle lawn mower is a simple task and is a big money saver. There is just a few things that needs to be done.
Begin by starting the engine on your lawn mower and running it until warm and the fuel tank is empty.

Step 1 – Remove the Spark Plug

Step 2 – Remove the Blade

Step 3 – Change oil

(use SAE30 – remember do not overfill)

Step 4 – Replace Air Filter

Step 5 – Sharpen Blade & Balance

Step 6 – Install Blade (Tighten the bolt that holds the blade to a torque of 60 ft-lb)

Step 7 – Put Spark Plug in and install spark plug wire

Step 8 – Look for any broken parts that needs to be replaced

Step 9 – Put in Fresh Gas and you are ready to go!

Just stop in and we can answer any questions you might have and all the items shown are available.

Posted in General News, Lawn & Garden, Reference

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