Lawn Mower Pre-Spring Tune-up

Taking care of your 4 cycle lawn mower is a simple task and is a big money saver. There is just a few things that needs to be done.
Begin by starting the engine on your lawn mower and running it until warm and the fuel tank is empty.

Step 1 – Remove the Spark Plug

Step 2 – Remove the Blade

Step 3 – Change oil

(use SAE30 – remember do not overfill)

Step 4 – Replace Air Filter

Step 5 – Sharpen Blade & Balance

Step 6 – Install Blade (Tighten the bolt that holds the blade to a torque of 60 ft-lb)

Step 7 – Put Spark Plug in and install spark plug wire

Step 8 – Look for any broken parts that needs to be replaced

Step 9 – Put in Fresh Gas and you are ready to go!

Just stop in and we can answer any questions you might have and all the items shown are available.